To all TPLWU Local 4948 Library Workers

We are proud to be running for your Local 4948’s Executive Committee.  Our collective agreement expires at the end of 2019. If elected, our combined experience, ongoing commitment, and skills will be brought to the bargaining table – and this round of collective bargaining will present significant challenges affecting all members. We are analyzing the hundreds of surveys submitted by you, and your local concerns are of the utmost importance to us as we move into the upcoming round of negotiations.   


The strength of the Toronto Public Library Workers Union Local 4948 has always been its solidarity.  Entering into the collective bargaining process with an experienced and united leadership gives us our best chance to achieve a strong negotiated settlement for all Local 4948 library workers.   

We are looking forward to working with the newly acclaimed Local 4948 Vice-President.


Working as a team, we hope to continue to represent you on the Executive Committee, through bargaining and beyond. 


In solidarity,


Brendan Haley for President


Carmela Corrado for Secretary-Treasurer


Viveca Gretton for Recording Secretary

This campaign and all associated materials ARE produced by volunteer union labour